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2007 Topless in the Mountains

Taking in the view at Ohiopyle waiting for Trillium

Dave McLaughlin decides to do the first part of the cruise on his bike

Debbie Miller and Bill Olijnyk - Leaders of Topless in the Mountains

Lulu and Paul McCullough - Time to try out the cold air induction system

Carole and Dave McLaughlin - Saturday on the bike, Sunday in the Miata

Steve Lapp - Supercharger, new RE-750s, blue skies, WV roads, great company - Lots to smile about

Heading out on the morning run

On the way to Helvetia

Pit stop at Cass Scenic Railroad

Group 1 heading north on WV 20

Miatas parked and it's time for dinner on Sunday

Farewell dinner on Sunday - Congratulations to Debbie and Bill for a great job organizing and leading Topless XIII

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