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2005 Luv, Piece, & Harmony Rally

Organizers-John,Clara & Linda - Notice we all wore Yellow by chance.

Have to get a little socializing in before the Rally.

John explaining the instructions for the Rally. I think we got it?

Lined up & waiting for our turn to start.

1st car off, we have 2 hours to make it to the Restaurant.

Harmony Inn, our destination, hopefully we make it in two hours.

Calfos last to arrive at the Inn. Boy did they have stories. Joy did you finish writing shortly yet.

Notice the fingers. It signifies their arrival at the Inn. Whitmires-First & Calfos-Eighth

1st Prize Winners-Bill & Carolyn Mogel
They got the most questions correct.

2nd Prize-Joe & Linda Zimliki(Joe's taking photo)
We were the seventh car to arrive but we got second most answers correct.

Heims, Whitmires & McPherons tied for third place.

Ray was so overjoyed with his consolation prize for coming in last he did a little dance. Had to be there.

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