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2007 WPMC Picnic

Picnic Organizers - Don & Betty Heim

Miata Line Up...they're not all here yet.

Karen is having fun. A kid again

Watermelon Miata - Front View

Watermelon Miata - Side View

Watermelon Miata - Rear View.

Wally & Jeff our cooking experts.The guys are
offering advice.

Meal time, they all come running.

Ah, we know how to quiet this crowd, Food.

Let the Ring Toss Game begin. Bill is determined.

Jim Konkus is timing his toss.

Thom Stuewe wants Sue to get closer.

Patti says "I've got this one."

Zak, Our Winner.

Don explains game. Get your Miata as close to rope
on ground without going over.

It didn't happen for Jim Pacillo.

Bill Willis was so closer yet so far away.

Clark was a mile away.

Jim Pfieffer gave it a good try.

Jaye, our little speed demon, was way over.

The fans from the peanut gallery cheered everyone

Game...Top up...Then

Top Down

Balloon Toss.

Catch it...don't let it hit the ground.

Joe & Jim give out the door prizes.

West Penn Miata Club * 3929 Murry Highlands Circle * Murrysville * PA * 15668