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2005 Ogle-Be'n Back Cruise

Our Leader - Steve Beam

Our Leader - Pat Beam

Notice we have a few yellow cars.

Our usual instruction session.

We're off to a good start.

We are enjoying our Sunday drive.

Little Dip

Around the bend.

And on it goes.

And on

Do you think we were going 35?

Hitting the curve.

Follow Follow

We arrived at Oglebay.

Group Photo.

Laura, our guide at the Environmental Center.
Her Mother owns a Miata. We gave her our card.

Bernadine,Clark,Gerrie & Dan checking out display.

Joe & Wally educating Wally's grandson.

Patty sure is brave. It's stuffed Patty.

Poured natural stone floor.

Clark showing Laura his dual exhaust.

Deer running across the road in front on us.

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