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2005 Moon, Raccoon, Steam & Dockers Cruise

Our cruise Leaders- Doug & Candace McPheron

The Group Gathering to receive cruise instructions.

Warming up with the 1st curve

Miata Line

Miatas making their way thru a series of curves.

Guys chit chatting about Miata stuff at the park rest stop.

Well, it's time to hit the road again.

Snake meandering across the road as we exited the park. You could hear Candace scream a mile away.

Steam from the Bruce Mansfied Coal and Beaver Vally Nuclear Power Plants in Shippingport

Group photo outside Dockers

George broke his key off in the ignition.

George is trying to straighten his key. George finally called a locksmith. Locksmith removed the key from the ignition & made him a new key.

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