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2007 Meadowcroft Village & Sarris Cruise

Leaders, Clark & Patty Harris, led us on a really
fun filled day.

Safety instructions from Clark .

We're off on our adventure.

Meadowcroft, we arrived.

Miata Line Up

Patty gave us a snack, chocolate chip cookies

Our guide tells us about lovers stealing a kiss as
they crossed the bridge.

Shelia greets her students.

Who would have thought we would be back in

Boys are being good.

Started the school day with singing "Country Tis
of Thee".

And Pledge of Allegiance

Some excerises.

Students had to read 6th grade McGuffey Reader.

Teacher explains the "Hickory Stick".

Patty sharing her grade school one room school
house experiences.

Explaining pioneer life, living in a one room home.

Learning how to play Hoop & Stick Game that
pioneer children played.

A few tried their hand at candle making.

Showing off their hard work.

Now it's time for lunch.

Hit some curvy roads along the way.

After lunch we want to Sarris Candies

Group is certainly enjoying their ice cream.

What a candy Store!

Castle made out of chocolate.

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