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2007 Johnstown Flood Memorial

Packing Miatas & getting ready for Johnstown
Flood Cruise the next day after EBT Train ride.

Photo of Villa we stayed in at Raystown Lake

View from back porch of Villa

Fall foliage at Raystown Lake

Clark, Patti & Joe enjoying morning from back
porch of Villa.

Lining up & getting ready to leave.

Col Unger's, President of South Fork Fishing &
Hunting Club, house at Lake Conemaugh which
was the origin of the flood waters.

Viewing the now empty Lake Conemaugh from
Col Unger's house. In the middle of photo you
can see what is left of the dam.

Getting ready to watch movie, Black Friday, about
Johnstown Flood.

Paul & Colette are on the dam. This is where they
tried to make another spillway on May 31,1889.

Group is standing at the end of what is left of the

Bottom of dry Lake Conemaugh, there are trails so
you can walk & see dam at the bottom.

Monument at Grandview Cemetery dedicated to
unidentified victims of Flood.

777 Grave markers for unidentified that died May

Another view of 777 markers

Ballons being left loose at Johnstown Incline.

Johnstown Incline is in the Guinness Book of
Records as the steepest vehicular incline in the world.

Stone Bridge in Johnstown, where debris from flood
piled as high as 40 feet. Pile burst into flames &
burned for three days. People were trapped in the

Depiction of Johnstown Flood 1889

May 31, 1889 Johnstown Flood

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