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2007 East Broad Top Railroad

Miatas line-up in K-Mart's parking lot in Labrobe.

Linda introduces the newest WPMC member, Barb.

We are on our way.

Until Clark had a flat. He had a problem finding his
car jack.

Just how many does it take to change a tire.

Paul put on the spare tire & Tom checks out the flat.
It had a huge hole.

At rest stop Pam's car is smoking. She forgot to put
cap back on oil.

Joe improvised with aluminum.

We finally arrive at East Broad Top Station.

While waiting for train ride Joe checked out 1929
East Broad Top Yellow Coach.

Photo of train inside Roundhouse, where they
repaired & stored train.

Area where they did repairs.

There were craft booths & vendors.

Here comes the train into station.

Everyone is ready for the ride.

Let's get chugging.

Rest of group on the other car is enjoying the ride.

Rare M-1 engine that only comes out once a year.

There were plenty of photographers along the
route taking photos of us.

There were also Trolleys at EBT.

Barb & Pam are checking out renovation of trolley.

Inside the trolley being renovated notice the
stain glass windows.

Some of the members took a trolley ride.

Trolley comes rolling into station.

Don & Betty decide to ride the electric car. It goes
where train can't.

Antique Bus operated between 1929 & 1941.

Antique East Broad Top Motor Freight Vehicle

One of the many buildings at EBT

M-1 being put to bed in Roundhouse.

Group Photo - In front of train we rode.

Bonfire at Zimliki's Villa that evening.

Little nourishment.

Wine tasting

Joan was our cracker lady between tastings.

It was Linda's birthday & Joe surprised her with a
birthday cake. He managed to bring it in the
Miata along with wood & luggage without her

Mark & Sue's bottle of wine was rated the best.

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