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2005 Detour Cruise

Bryan & Leslie - Our leaders through miles & miles of curvy roads.

Social Time-In background is Holiday Inn where the MMM Event is being held.

Ray says this is the latest thing in cruise wear.

Intently listening to Bryan's instructions.

On ramp heading toward Rt 119

Wymps Gap Rd

Tree cover feels good.

Chasing sunbeams

Road reminds you of a snake as Miatas wind upward.

Getting a taste of the roads to come.

Feast for the eyes

Rolling around the curve

What a beautiful morning.

Beautiful scenery on Brandonville Pike.

One of the curves on Brandonville Pike

Series of curves

Please get out of our way

1st customers of the day.

Starting on our second leg of the cruise.

Oh those curves

Almost made a mistake. Wonder were that road leads.

Rolling right along

Boy the curves

Curves on Rt 50

Lunch anyone

Narrow steets of Keyser

Climbing up the mountain

We reached the top. Leg stretch & taking in the beauty of three states.

Potomac River from the top

I believe they're hungry. You could get lost in the dust.

We're ready to order.

Where is the food. The service was excellent.

What a wavy road

Waiting to go down 2 mile 48 curve road.

Headed back - Just had to do "The Road" again

Lead us home. What a day.

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