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2005 Deep Creek Cruise

Double O Seven is on the move. Looks like he has an important assignment dealing with MX-5s.

Our Mr Important-John has to be to get our club a police escort out of town. Oops what did we do.

Our police escort leading us out of K Mart's parking lot.

Police escort leading us thru streets of Bridgeport.
People were wondering who we were.

Police car blocking the intersection so whole line of cars could get thru the light. I bet they loved us.

We are on our way.

Arm Wave

Sally - Love the Hat

Doug & Mary Lou appying sun tan lotion. Getting ready for the second lap of the trip.

Can't wait for those twists & turns.

Those switchbacks & twist after twist are just ahead.

Here we go - Hold on tight

There was miles & miles of roads like this.

Looking at the photo makes you wish you were there taking the curve again.

Deep Creek - Here we come.

Parking Lot Line Up

Deep Creek - Looks like fun.

Deep Creek Group

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