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2005 Covered Bridge Festival

Off to Covered Bridge Festival

What a great day

Cool bridge and at the end is a tunnel.

Miata snake line

Needed rest stop

Carmichaels Covered Bridge

Let's go check out the crafts.

Joe 's listening to WV music

Jim & Cal - What do we have here?

Bernadine, our cruise leader, & Karen taking a rest from shopping.

Don,Joe,John & Pat - It's time to leave.

Pat showing off Jophn's purchase.

Looks like John & Shar found a few things.

To the next bridge.

Henry Covered Bridge

Miatas as they go thru Henry Covered Bridge

Riding thru Mingo Park

Lined up - Which way to the crafts.

Bob & Mary Ann checking out the crafts.

John & Shar waiting in line for ice cream.

Betty resting near the creek.

Ebenezer Covered Bridge - Couldn't drive thru this one due to the festival.

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