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2005 Cass Railroad Cruise

Temporary light on back roads stops part of the train.

1st rest stop-Men's Room line up-Isn't this supposed to be the Women's??

Second leg of the trip, fog almost gone

Climbing the Mountain.

Approaching Seneca Rocks Park

Seneca Rocks

Miatas line up at Seneca Rock Park to take photos.

Train of Miatas viewing Seneca Rocks.

Our train of Miatas on the move.

Lunch at Senca Caverns 1st table.

2nd Table seems to be having fun.

Gorgeous view at Seneca Caverns

Group with gorgeous view as backdrop.

Radio disc at Green Bank Observatory.

Watching stimulated black hole at observatory.

Photo of coins circling & going down stimulated black hole.

Autumn Colors

Hope you can see the Miatas as they go around the mountain.

Well, we made it around the mountain.

Oh those roads

And they go on & on.

Junction Group before dinner at the Junction(notice the neck scarves)

Socializing before dinner

Enjoying each other's company

Leslie presented Joe with freeze dried ice cream so he would never be without.

Line up of Miatas

Starting on our way in open train cars.

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo.

Stream engine pushing the train cars.

Whittaker Station.

Logging camp at Whittaker Station

Another train on its way to Bald Knob, 5 hour trip.

We had to wait for the other train to switchback, which allows train to gain quick altitude.

Switchman getting on moving train after making the track switch. The day before he was left behind.

Cass Crew

Cars waiting for everyone to catch up after a really great run on a back road.

Crew eating on deck next to creek.

Phil & Diane enjoying Mr. Chuck's music.

Bob & Connie showing their moves.

One last group photo before departing.

Beautiful Autumn Colors

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