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2005 Autumn Cruise

Cruise Leaders - Betty & Don Heim

Little socializing before cruise

Cal's new car goes on it's 1st cruise.

How dare that truck impede our cruise.

What a nice day for a leisure cruise

A "Wanna Be" messing up the line.

Getting ready to go through town of Monongehela

Keep Rolling

S curve...Enjoy

Going thru Ebenezer Bridge. Couldn't do that the day of
The Covered Bridge Festival

Exiting Ebenezer Bridge

Our rest stop, Betty provided cider, candy corn & pumpkin peeps.

Enjoying the great autumn weather & members' company.

Group Photo.

Leaving Mingo Park by way of Henry's Bridge.

Our leaders, leading us to the exit.

We are ready for some food.

Miata Line Up

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