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Foxburg Cruise
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:56:56 PM »
In my Dream, Foxburg has never looked sooo good!

As I write this, incapacitated by a recent injury and unsure of what else can happen to all of us by August, this beautiful June day brings hope and promise to this Miata maniac and perhaps many of you?

My roadworthy old Miatas have sat silently all year. 2020 is not a wash, perhaps merely a rinse. 

Our committee has forged ahead, planning our events, intending to have them realized.

On August 15th, join us for what to some members might be a familiar event, the Fox hunt to Foxburg!

We will meet at 9AM at the Sheetz on Route 8 north, just shy of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a perfect jumping off area for those coming from all points of the compass. 

We have scouted the Route and the pit stop is a full bladder away from the Sheetz parking lot, so upload and unload as necessary in preparation for departure at promptly 9:30.

Prepare for a spirited run, a circuitous jaunt ending with our arrival at the Inn at Foxburg, at approximately by 11:30.

After A lazy lunch on the outdoor veranda, the obligatory ice cream stop will take place homeward bound.

Wonít you please join us. A good time will be had by all.  I know my patience is running thin, but my tires are thick.  Letís get on the road fellow members; letís burn rubber, the wait is over! 

Your Vice President, Bobby, and Diane, are your hosts, and Linda, as usual, is your rudder
Contact Bobby by August 9th at or 412-427-9076