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2007 Kenjitsu Tech Session

Kenjitu Auto Repair - Site of WPMC's Tech

Members partaking of refreshment provided by

Steve enjoys a breakfast snack while Linda & Jaye

Guys doing a little Miata talking.

Miata line up.

Continuation of Miata line up. Motorcyle...Dave
misplaced his Miata again

Robbs are checking out standard bracing on Gene's
Mazdaspeed Miata.

Joe, Mark, Dave & Doug patiently waiting for the
Tech Session to be begin.

Gene Kantor's Mazda Speed was used as a
demonstration vehicle.

Everyone listens intently to Ed Dull.

John, Doug, & Steve listen while Ed explains
particulars about bracing.

John takes a closer look.

Ed & Gene continue to share more of their
considerable knowledge.

Doug & Dave are very intent on information Gene
is sharing about bracing.

After the Tech Session, a few members
went to Red Star Restaurant for lunch.

Patiently waiting for their food as they socialize.

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