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2007 Flight 93 and Quecreek Mine Cruise

Leaders - Doug & Candace McPheron

There is a "wannabe" in our midst.

Wow! What a line up of cars.

Some got a $10 ticket for backing in at Ligonier's
Parking Lot.

Randy looks like he enjoyed his meal at the
Ligonier Tavern.

The Gang's all here at the Ligonier Tavern.

We had to regroup.

Going up the mountain towards Jennerstown.

We had 16 cars that day at Quecreek Mine.

Quecreek Mine Plaque.

Memorial at Quecreek Mine Rescue

Bronze Statue at Quecreek Mine Rescue Site.

Actual Rescue Shaft

Six inch airshaft.

Monument for Life was written on grain sack about
the Memorial site.

On our way to Flight 93 site.

Get on up the Road.

It was hot & humid that day. Shady feels good.

Flight 93 Mementos Left Behind.

Let's Never Forget.

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